What we do


We Find & Fund

We search for opportunities to help our target groups in developing countries and in the most challenging situations. Our approach is to help those in need.


We Care

Many families are displaced with no place to stay, through our partnership with various stakeholders, we help with 1 year rent free accommodations; Rent free farm care and assistance towards utilities.


We love volunteers

We welcome volunteers from around the world to help us enhance the skills of locals, and learn in return. Help us revamp homes and libraries as well many other exciting opportunities for you to use your time and resources. Join us!


We Educate

With our team of qualified volunteers in various fields, not only do we contribute towards literature, our team is available to train our target groups as part of our developmental projects.

Partnerships with organisations & communities

We have partnered with various organisations and churches in remote areas to see children in school and advocate against early child marriages. Zambia has a high rate of child marriages, yet under statutory marriage, child marriages are illegal, and considered a form of child abuse. As Zambia has ratified the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child, help us advocate for programs that will ensure children remain in school and enjoy their rights as child, as every other child in the world. By promoting sustainable programs for the youth, we can help one child at a time reach their full potential.