Mentorship Project: A note to the girls from the Mentorship Matron

Dear girls,


Thank you for deciding to be a part of Umi Foundation. Each one of you is special and important. Your thoughts and ideas are valid.


I am looking forward to knowing you and seeing you grow into amazing women. I was once a girl just like you, with dreams and fears about the future. Focusing on the right things led me to what I am today.


Girls, decide what is important to you and let that be what guides you and helps you to focus on making a better life for yourself. Grab the opportunities that Umi Foundation gives you and make the most of everything. All the best in your school.


Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams.


Lots of love….. Aunty Swally

Your Matron 

August 2022

Under the Child Marriage Intervention Program, we have launched a Mentorship project that's aimed at changing the lives of girls between ages 12 and 16. This age group is the most vulnerable to child marriage and the most crucial stage to support the girls with programs that will keep them away from marriages.

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