Malawi housing project - Breaking ground on a newly purchased land to develop a family home

Join us today to help families in need, Umi Foundation goal is to reach as many as possible, the need is great, we need your support.

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More Projects

Umi foundation supports families in various regions: Our housing project includes homeowners donating free housing to a family in need of accommodation for a period of one year, while resources and work opportunities are made available; The farming project has enabled our beneficiaries to care for farms and utilize the space for their income to support their families; The classroom projects have assisted schools to expand space to allow all learners attend school without being turned away from lack of space or overcrowded classrooms.

Remote Zambia school project - Addition of extra classrooms to enable all children attend school
Zambia farm project - Opportunity for a family to farm and care for land. The farm comes with caretaker accommodation