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The word Umi means ‘life’ in Mambwe, a local Zambian language. The African culture has a strong emphasis on humanism and working together to build a stronger community. It takes a good and strong community to create a better life for others around. Umi Foundation operates in Lusaka, Zambia, with support projects across Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. Umi Foundation believes in strengthening already existing skills and working together with local groups to make better challenging living conditions. Through our Child Marriage Intervention Program and Women Empowerment Program, out team is dedicated to eradicating child marriage in Zambia and supporting women improve their livelihood.



We work on improving the lives of young people through promoting good education; improving libraries in schools and communities; by providing educational requirements and support through the Girls Mentorship project. Communities without water have also benefited from the Water project, with the aim of supporting women through farming. We also highly support the safety of children by promoting children’s rights and offering a safe space for children without a home.


Partnerships with

organisations & communities

We have partnered with various organisations and churches in remote areas to see children in school and advocate against early child marriages. Zambia has a high rate of child marriages, yet under statutory marriage, child marriages are illegal, and considered a form of child abuse. As Zambia has ratified the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child, help us advocate for programs that will ensure children remain in school and enjoy their rights , as every other child in the world.




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